cartoon dread

I abruptly turned around and gave the chic a blank stare patiently waiting for her to explain why she grabbed my purse like a thief in Paris. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally said, “I fucking love this purse because it suits you and your style so well!” I smiled and didn’t say anything at first because I was still trying to process the fact that this tall woman reached down to my short ass to yank my purse to compliment it, and it was clearly hanging on to its stature for dear life so what was her deal? I was so confused. Meanwhile Jade has no idea what is going on because she danced over to the DJ booth leaving me behind, to have our presence announced at the party. Immediately after I figured out where she was, the DJ mic checked Fetty Wap’s song yelling, “Nina won’t you come myyyyy waaaaaaaay, Jade and Nina whaaaaat’s the plaaaaaaaaaay….” Then yelled in the mic so loud the sound system screeched, “Jade and Nina in the muh fukkn buildingggggg!” I laughed as Jade kissed the DJ on the cheek then turned my attention back to the tall chic and thanked her for the compliment. She still stood there staring so I asked her if she was okay. The chic said, “yeah man I’m good I space out sometimes.” I was now staring up at her and hoped to the universe that my face didn’t match my feelings, this shit was awkward. She left me no choice but to walk off because it was clear that she was on a level that I couldn’t relate to at the moment. The walk to the DJ booth was an interesting one. I started feeling the Patron rising through my system and the courage that I already had, turned into super sion courage so I took a moment to indulge in the feeling right where I was in the middle of the dance floor. Jade saw me getting my grove on and ran over and started dancing with me. That was the move to get things rolling because a crowd slowly gathered around us doing just the same. As the crowd started tightening around us I locked my eyes with what felt like to me, every single person in the crowd. I danced and observed as if to be confirming a head count but it was just a natural movement; all eyes were on us. I started to feel uneasy and wanted to remove myself from the middle of the circle but it was too late, we were now the focal point of the party, shit. I needed a decoy, I needed to gain some leverage because I started to feel anxious so reached into my purse and pulled out my bubbles. I always carry bubbles with me when I just want the vibes to be carefree and bubbly and people seem to ease up and vibe more when bubbles are floating everywhere. I stopped at a convenient store before linking with Jade to pick them up for us. When Jade saw the bubbles flying everywhere she knew what time it was, and instantaneously pulled hers out to join in. People started reaching out and popping them and laughing uncontrollably, the crowd seemed to transform into a bunch of carefree little children playing in the park. This made me giggle and my unease left as quickly as it came.

I didn’t realize how big the crowd had gotten and our little space in the middle of this massive herd of people was now nonexistent. I wanted out again, with bubbles running low, the patron wearing off, and now actually realizing that I’m high as shit, I needed air. I’m so uncomfortable and all I need right now is my own space, fuck these bubbles. I looked over my shoulders and realized that Jade is riding the shoulders of Kc like a cowboy on a wild bull. Kc is a tall medium built Bahamian dude that we met a couple months back at this same event. Kc’s cool, a little too touchy for my liking, but cool. I started jumping up and down waiving my hands in the air like a crazy person to get Jade’s attention. When she finally saw me she gave me the, ‘What? face and I gave her the, ‘Get the fuck down and talk to me’ face. She got the queue and tapped Kc’s shoulder and beckoned for him to put her down. Kc saw me and kissed the air in my direction so I caught it, winked at him, then slam dunked it to the floor then threw my hands in the air to celebrate doing a touch down dance. He shook his head and fanned me off per usual. I’ve been giving him a hard time since the day we met when he learned very quickly not to touch me without my permission. When Jade got close enough to me, I grabbed her neck and pulled her ear close to my lips and whispered, “I need my own space I feel weird.” Jade and I have known each other for a few years now so she knows that when I tell her I need some space she knows to make it happen for me otherwise I’m going to be ready to leave. I needed to breathe, I started feeling overwhelmed. She immediately said okay, grabbed my hand and started to drag me through the crowd. I felt like a kite on a windy day being flown in the wind by a child who couldn’t get the hang of it as yet, but I felt so good. I felt like I was being rescued because God knows I needed saving. She walked me over to the VIP area by the dj booth and pointed to Ace, the dj’s security, then pointed to her eyes, then pointed to me. He immediately knew to keep an eye on me. I went and hugged Ace, he bear hugged me til breathing was difficult then put me down next to him. I just stared up at his towering stature staring at him like really Ace? The VIP area had 2 people in it sipping on Greygoose. I just wanted water and weed so I grabbed a bottle from the bucket of ice and plopped down in the couch. I laid my head back and looked up at the night sky and started taking deep breaths. My heart-rate slowed, my anxiety succumbed, and I started to feel sober. I looked at my phone, 12:55am, 2 missed calls, 6 text messages and I didn’t care. I cleared the screen and searched through my call log for my plug.

I hope you enjoyed chapter 2! See again next week for the continuation of Nina’s journey.

Love and light